Bàn phím cơ XIBERIA XS3100 Blue Ice Blade Optical Axis Game Mechanical Keyboard Wired Internet Cafe

1,250,000 VND
Mã: XBKB0001 Danh mục:

1.Exquisite and simple design.

2. The keyboard panel is made of aluminum alloy and sandblasted.

3. The keyboard adopts DT optical axis, the service life is up to 100 million times

4. RGB streamer ambient lights around the keyboard, embellish the desktop more cool and dazzling.

5. The keyboard adopts mechanical knob design (adjust the volume)

6. Use 4.0 smooth thread + magnetic ring + aluminum US wire winding + aluminum platinum anti-interference and anti-static.

7. Adopt double-sided PCB, plus nano waterproof coating technology.

8. Wear-resistant two-color keycaps are used, which will not lose characters after long-term use.

9. The color combination of keycaps is light, luxurious and fashionable, and a variety of lighting effects are adjusted.

10. The keyboard has a full-key smart design without punching, allowing you to play all major online games.

1 1 1 3 1 4 1 6

Working Voltage: 5V

Working Current: <350mA

Standby Current: ≤35mA

Full lihgting Current: ≤400mA

Number of Keys: 104

Shaft life: 100 million times

Cable Length: 1.8m

Connection: USB

Keyboard Size: 443*142*40mm

Net weight: 935g

Backlight: Ice Blue