Chuột gaming Darmoshark N3 Wireless

1,500,000 VND
  • 03 chế độ kết nối: Wireless (Bluetooth/2.4Ghz)+Wired USB
  • Pin dung lượng cao.
  • Sử dụng Switches: Kalih Micro
  • Chuyển chế độ kết nối với 1 nút bấm Bluetooth and Wireless 2.4GHz modes.
  • 7-Key Custom Macro Programming
Mã: DMMO0004 Danh mục: Từ khóa: ,
  • Lightweight & ergonomic.

  • Three-Mode Wireless+Wired connectivity.

  • High-Performance Flagship Optical Sensor.

  • Long Battery Life.

  • Kalih Micro Switches.

  • Low-resistance Teflon Feet.

  • One key switching between Bluetooth and Wireless 2.4GHz modes.

  • 7-Key Custom Macro Programming.













Brand: Motospeed (Darmoshark)

Product model:N3

Optoelectronic IC:PAM3395

Lithium battery:300mAh

Maximum speed:650IPS

FPS image processing:26000fps


SPI: 8ms/2ms(default)/1ms

Foot stickers:Teflon PTFE (black)

Interface: Gold-plated USB2.0 Type-C

DPI:400 red, 800 blue (default), 1600 green, 3200 purple, 4800 yellow

DPI:26000DPI(Drive settings)

Wired/2.4GHz: red light 125HZ, blue light 500HZ,green light 1000HZ


Driver installation: only Windows system is supported

luetooth pairing operation:

operating system:

Wired and 2.4G modes: WinXP/Win7/Win8/Win10/Win11/Macos

Bluetooth mode: Win8/Win10/Win11/Macos