Chuột gaming XIBERIA XT500 RGB

790,000 VND
  • Xuất xứ: China
Mã: MS-XIBERIA-000001 Danh mục:



Brand: Xiberia
Mouse Type: gaming Mouse XT500
Jninterface/Interface: USB
Image Sensor/Image Sensor: PMW3325
Acceleration/Accelerator: 20G
Frame rate/rate:100ips
Resolution: DPI 800(Cyan)-1600(Red)-2400(Blue)-3200(Yellow)-4600(Green)-6000(Purple)-8000(White) Default 1600
RGB mode:

  1.  Streamer mode (default when power on);
  2.  Neon
  3.  Recirculating breathing
  4.  Monochromatic red light.
  5.  Turn off the light. Press and hold the left and right mouse buttons for 3 seconds to switch the light mode.

Response rate: 500-1000Hz
Key Function: 8 keys
Left and right key switches: 20 million times
CSCEC switch life: 3 million times
Encoder life: 200,000 times
Wire: 1.8m, black TPE wire. 4 cores + ground + aluminum foil + winding, USB connector + magnetic ring
Supported Operating Systems: Win7/Win8/Win10/Windows VISTA Windows xp
Working voltage/current: 5v-100mA
Operating temperature/humidity: 0°C~+40°/0-90%RH