2,642,000 VND
Mã: MKKB0006 Danh mục:

Minimalist Design – Refreshing and Calming
Gasket Mount – For the Crisp Typing Experience
Multimedia Knobs – Volume Control (Clockwise for Vol+, Counterclockwise for Vol-) / Play/Pause (Push)
Tri-Mode Connection – Bluetooth 5.1 / 2.4GHz / Wired
Wireless 2.4GHz – Lower Latency & Consumption
Bluetooth 5.1 – 3-Device Connectivity
macOS Compatible – Function Keys Fully Compatible
2800mAh Battery – Longer Endurance for Lasting Inspiration
Long-Lasting Battery Life – Endurance of 25 Days
(8 hours of use per day under Bluetooth connection with Backlit off)
PBT Double-Shot Keycaps – Shiny-Look-Proof, Tactile and Tough
65% Layout – Extra Desk Space Thanks to Compact Composition
Considered Slant – Slight Slope for Huge Comfort
RGB Backlit – Built-in 16-Million-Color RGB Effects (RGB Version)
N-Key Rollover – Unlimited Key Press
Detachable Cable – Separated Keyboard and Cable Management

Model: M65
Layout: 65% | ANSI
Type: Mechanical Keyboard
Warranty: 12 Months Limited Hardware Warranty
Case Material: ABS
Dimensions: 372 x 117 x 39 mm
Weight: Approx. 765g

Key Count: 67
Switches: Gateron / TTC
Keycaps Material: PBT
Keycaps Profile: Cherry
Legends Printing: Double-shot
Larger Keys Style: Cherry Plate-Mount Stabilizer

RGB Backlit: 16-Million-Color Modules (RGB Variants)
Connection: Bluetooth 5.1 / 2.4GHz / USB-C *(Connect to 3 devices at once)
N-Key Rollover: Support
Response Time: 1ms (Wired & 2.4GHz) / 8ms (Bluetooth)
Polling Rate: 1000Hz (Wired & 2.4GHz) / 125Hz (Bluetooth)

Interface: USB Type-C
Battery Capacity: 2800mAh
Battery Type: Li-ion Polymer Batteries
Rated Input Power: 5V⎓1A
Compatible OS: Windows / macOS / iOS / Android